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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plan 2022 (Plot Prices)

Check below the new kingdom valley payment plan for residential and commercial plots with farmhouses’ latest price list.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Payment Plans 2022: Kingdom valley has many different payment plan options; this is exclusively for the people who want to get their Plots in the housing society. Most payment plans are quite simple; they contain a four-year contract with a fixed amount of down payment and monthly installments that are pre-decided by both sides of the parties (the buying party and the selling party). All the payment plans are quite affordable as the main aim of this project is to provide a home to those who require a home.

Kingdom valley Islamabad provided very flexible payment plans to the buyer interested in having a home property in the housing society. The payment plan is four years, including 8(eight) bi-annual payments and 40(forty) monthly installments. And also, the down payment has to be made, which is fixed for every buyer, and the down payment is based on the plot size. One more payment is made at the time of balloting.

In conclusion, the payment plans give the buyer easy installment plans. The prices of houses in kingdom valley Islamabad start from PKR 12,45,000 and go around PKR13,000,000.

There are different kinds of houses with different payment plans based on the size of the plots.

  • General block
  • Executive block

General Block Old:

There are different categories set for the payment plans, which are based upon the size of the plot, in general block total price of the 3.5 Marla plot will be 750,000 with the down payment of 75,000, and at the time of balloting, the amount which has to be given is 150,000. Well, the monthly installments made for 3.5 plot is 5,250.

More details of the whole payment plan for the different plots of more Marla in the general block are mentioned in the chart below:

General Block New:


Executive Block Payment Plan:

An executive block is set for the people who want to invest their money in the project of kingdom valley; this is generally a block reserved for the builders who want to establish their business in the housing society.

Kingdom valley Executive Block

There are two (2) categories present in the executive block:

Commercial block: this block is highly set for the people who are traders and shoppers, and brands. Such people and groups want to set their shops of different brands in every possible area. The commercial block starts from the plot size of 2 marlas to  8 marlas. The payment procedure is also very convenient as buyers can make payments in installments.

Residential block: residential block contains plots of greater size, the size of plots available in a residential block are 8 marlas, 12 marlas, and 16 marlas.

There are many varieties for the executive block in the sizes of plots.

For a residential executive 3.5 Marla plot, the total price will be 750,000 with a down payment of 75,000 and a balloting price of 150,000, and the monthly installment will comprise  5,250

Commercial Plots Payment Plan:

For the commercial executive 4 Marla plot, the total price will be 4,700,000 with a down payment of 705,000 and a balloting price of 500,000, and the monthly installment will comprise 40,000.

See the chart for more details.

Kingdom VALLEY Commercial PAYMENT PLAN

Villas Payment Plan:

As we have mentioned before, the builders have kept various houses for every niche of people. Well, for the upper-class sector, kingdom villas are also available. If you like to live in villas, then the kingdom valley also has to offer you villas.

Farm Houses Payment Plan:

Most people like to enhance the beauty of their living by picking the best location that fits to please their mood. For such people, kingdom valley has introduced farmhouses into the housing society. The size of farmhouses is 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal.

The payment plans for all the blocks, as mentioned earlier, are the same. There are easy registration steps, which can either be done online or through affiliated banks. And the payment plans have easy installment plans.


Residential plots in Kingdom Valley are available in the following sizes:

  1. General Block Plots (3.5 marla, 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla & 1 kanal plots)
  2. Executive Block (3.5 Marla, 6 marla, 10 marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Marla commercial, 4 Marla commercial, 8 Marla comemrcial)
  3. Farm Houses: 2 Kanal, 4 kanal & 8 Kanal farm house
  4. Kingdom Villas: 5 Marla & 3.5 Marla

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