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NAYA PAKISTAN  program is initially organized by the current Government of Pakistan and the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, and his arty PAKISTAN TEHREEK-E-INSAAF. This program is initiated to provide homes and roofs to people who require roofs of their own. By providing homes at low cost to the people who couldn’t afford a home of their own, the Government is strengthening the middle-class families of Pakistan. In this way, they are boosting the people. The Government of Pakistan undertakes this NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING PROGRAM to provide low-cost housing to homeless people.

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In this way, the Government of Pakistan provides homes to the people in need. Despite the political overviews, this is the best way to do good for the people who have elected you to rule on the state.

 Past governments didn’t pay much attention to the housing sector, while three-e-inssaf is trying its best to provide opportunities for the youth to stable themselves in the country and do well for the betterment of their country.


Naya Pakistan Housing & Development Authority (NADA) was founded by the Government on 15 January 2020 through a Parliament Act. The Government created this project to work upon the areas of development and construction and manage other real-estate projects etc., for the people of Pakistan. The projects mainly under the nose of NAPHDA are the projects of housing and development of colonies and infrastructure. Along with managing other real-estate projects, the main goal of NAYA PAKISTAN HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY is to play a fundamental role in the housing sectors of Pakistan.

 Now NAPHDA has become a main developing arm project of the Government that has been setting milestones and is looking to achieve more in the future. Now they are interested in taking more and more part in the sector of housing infrastructures development as the past Government didn’t t pay much attention to providing roofs to the homeless people in Pakistan? It also performs based on profit and nonprofit margin in the whole country. Moreover, it also plans to provide availability for the constructors and developers to invest their money in the commercializing area of the housing projects. They are producing a whole housing society that will need malls and other brands. In this way, they are opening new windows for investors interested in taking part in the projects and earning profit through them.

The NADA works under the observation of the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran khan. It is located inside the Cabinet division of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. The board of this project is handled by the representatives, Government and Private sectors. The main office of the NAPHDA is in Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Islamabad.

It is not enough for the projection of Naya Pakistan housing schemes. They have continued to spread their plans and wings and are planning to establish their regional offices in all the other four provinces of Pakistan. They are conducting surveys and research to figure out the essential areas to build housing societies on. In this way, they can build homes for the people struggling to live their lives the most.

The purpose of such research will work with the influence of banks and other financial institutions to get mortgage loans .other financing methods will be used to offer chances to get the house to the ones with low income at affordable prices.

How to register for the scheme NPHP?

An online registration way to register is the Naya Pakistan housing scheme.

   Follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the Register Online tab or Register at E-Sahulat one.
  • Enter CNIC number, and you have to enter the CNIC number where the citizen number option is provided.
  • Click on submit.
  • When you have verified as a citizen, you must click on the payment option.

There are various payment options for people: credit cards, debit cards, and even though e-wallets such as easy paisa.

  • After paying the PKR 250, you need to fill out a form.
  • Register for NPHS.

The application will not be accepted if there is any mistake in filling out the forms.

  • When the form is submitted, applicants will receive an online receipt which the receipt must download.

Other Plans:

The authority plans to launch more projects like NAPHDA, which will help provide more facilities like the housing societies, infrastructure, and much more. Such schemes are mainly initialized to provide people with low-cost homes and save them from the fatigue of paying rent each month. Along with that, there are many opportunities for people like builders and constructors to participate in such schemes and invest in them so that the outcome of such projects may be increased. Likely, if seen from a long shot, this will generate a good opportunity for the people of Pakistan.