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Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan of kingdom valley Islamabad was designed by a well-known group of constructors and builder kingdom group. The master plan of the kingdom valley is not ordinary. Kingdom valley project is an impressively profiled plan that is taken care of under the guidance and assistance of the government of Pakistan. Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has introduced a scheme Naya Pakistan housing society in which he is determined to provide houses to the people who require them. 

We know that the master plan of kingdom valley is a government plan with over 15000 Kanal areas provided to build a modern state-of-art housing society. The master plan is to provide the people with houses of their own in an area where they are completely safe to live with their lives with their families.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad Master Plan

The kingdom valley project offers a variety of plots, which are residential, commercial, international, farmhouses, and villas, all at very affordable rates.

In the project of kingdom valley Islamabad, there are more schemes present in the master plan of this modern housing society, including high-end infrastructure buildings, parks for the people living in the housing area to enjoy, amusement parks, high-tech healthcare facilities, and modern technology hospitals. The developers and builders of this project believe in quality, and they have minted to put it all in to work. The master plan of this society includes sincerity with the people who are interested in investing their money inside the project.

If you are interested in investing your money in this project, we highly recommend you do it fast as the growing fame and name of this project is attracting many people. Additionally, we highly recommend you invest in this real estate housing scheme to take advantage of Valley Islamabad’s facilities and conveniences.

The management and developer of this project are very concentrated on making this project a big success. They are keeping their pace to provide the people investing in the kingdom valley project with a good infrastructure and living conveniences.

The location selected by the developers and constructors is also very peaceful, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. It is a premium location, and the engineers, constructors, architectures are highly skilled and trained. They are using all their expertise to make this project a big success, attracting many people to it. Thus the master plan of kingdom valley Islamabad contains all the necessary important features to make this project a big success and milestone for the investors, the government of Pakistan, and the kingdom group of companies.

Residential plots in Kingdom Valley master plan are available in the following sizes:

  1. General Block Plots (3.5 marla, 5 marla, 8 marla10 marla & 1 kanal plots)
  2. Executive Block (3.5 Marla, 6 marla10 marla, 1 Kanal2 Marla commercial4 Marla commercial8 Marla comemrcial)
  3. Farm Houses: 2 Kanal, 4 kanal & 8 Kanal farm house
  4. Kingdom Villas: 5 Marla & 3.5 Marla

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